Knowledge of electric motors and mechanical and electronic expertise make ALMES the ideal partner chosen by major industry leaders and small and medium-sized specialized companies. Almes supports its clients in the design, prototyping and supply of electric motors, which are used in various industrial sectors. The success of Almes is our continued commitment to the improvement of the product and service. For more than ten years we develop in the field of electric motors and their applications.

The vision

The historical and economic period we are living requires to have innovative vision the object is effective work for other people; starting from our employees, our technical and commercial partners, the target market and society in general. This makes us aware and responsible that each of our improvement will bring benefits to people and organizations connected to us and that is our strategic vision.


A sense of belonging to the company built through shared goals, increased competence and knowledge through continuing education, honesty pursued with constructive and clear relations, internal and external cooperation to pursue the success together with our customers. These are the values we believe, strongly shared by all employees and to the relationship with our customers and suppliers.


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  • 58-100 Świdnica
  • NIP: 8992759458
  • REGON: 360139963
  • KRS: 0000529343
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  • +48 71 7127053
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