We have a consolidated research group of engineers with specific expertise on AC electric motors, DC and ECM. We make use of 3D mechanical design software, software for fluid dynamics simulations and a laboratory in which we can carry out performance tests, mechanical and electrical noise, temperature, life and failure analysis (both simulated and real).

Development applications

Our strength is the support we offer to the customer in the application development stage. Thanks to the deep technical knowledge of electrical motors, fans, electromechanical actuators, but above all thanks to the experience gained in the various sectors of ventilation and electrical movement, we are able to meet the real needs of our customers. The continuous process of innovation of electric motors requires a level of upgrade on technology trends difficult to achieve in non-specialized companies. Our goal is to be the technology partners, suppliers of knowledge that supports their development.

Technical support of the production

We are equipped with a workshop where the engines are evaluated, tested and compared. Motors and fans are testes with the aim to offer our customers a product with superior performance: the test laboratory is critical to the analysis of our clients’ needs and to ensure the product quality.

Executable test in our lab:

- electrical tests

- absorption and consumption evaluation

- Characterization DC electric motors

- dielectric strength test

- Testing dynamometers and characterization AC motors

- microscopic analysis

- hot and cold tests, in a climatic chamber

- Measuring speed of rotation

- thermodynamic detection

- dimensional analysis


- Life tests in a continuous cycle or intermittent

- Detection of the suction force

- Detection of the air flow

- noise detection

- Detection of electromagnetic interference

- Detection of electrical noise

- Characterization of fans on suction and discharge through Aeraulic Chamber in AMCA standards

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